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The Original KC Jazz History Site

Originally deployed in 1996, Club Kaycee "serves up sights and sounds of the Golden Age of Kansas City Jazz from the Miller Nichols Library, University of Missouri - Kansas City." While the site's design may be a little dated, its content has been masterfully written and curated by Kansas City's own Chuck Haddix, director of the Marr Sound Archives at Miller Nichols Library and co-author (with Frank Driggs) of Kansas City Jazz: From Ragtime to Bebop--A History.
A Blog About Kansas City Jazz

Billing itself as "an irreverent and opinionated guide to jazz in Kansas City," The Plastic Sax is all that ...
and a bag of chips,
with links to still more webn sites featuring more that 125 living Kansas City jazz musicians and bands ... as well as better than 40 local jazz venues.